My fair lady

My fair lady i hold you so dear.
My fair lady for you only i cheer.
My fair lady only you i fear.

My fair lady is a spy infultrating homes. But what happens when she falls in love with her enemy???


1. ~My fair lady~

My fair lady your heart is so pure,

Your evey touch leaves me wanting more,

You blind me with your elegant shine,

Though i know you are not mine.


Though i know you are bad,

You give me more then i had,

I hate to see you go,

Oh how i love you so!


The elegance in your moves,

Leaves me stunned right in place,

And then youre gone,

Without a trace.


Are you playing me a game?

Or is this all the same?

As i've known you all along,

my personal love song.


Hold me one more time,

Tell me you are mine,

Make me not feel death,

In my final breath...

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