Sange & Yasha

A story about secrets,courage,friendship and obviously a King


1. The Starting

I am the son of  Hephaestus,King of Hoplon and I have a secret.


As Ignisis looked up he saw his Uncle Marty a monk coming out of his house.

"Don't be lazy boys.Get up and get some wood from the forest or we will go hungry again."

'Infact we will not he" snorted  Scio "Going father."


"And come back fast we have sword practice for Ignisis and you have to learn about quatum theory"

"Sometimes I think where that bastard learnt all,I mean he is a fucking monk" Scio said as they neared the forest  

"And ya he is your father,so some respect" Ignisis retorted


"Check out your right,you are open,come on be fast.I have told you be attentive.In battle no enemy will give you a second chance.Practice.I am going to see what my Scio is doing."


As Ignisis practiced on the dummy,he heard is Uncle Marty yelling.He saw Uncle Marty red faced coming out of the Library and going to his room.

"So what have you done" Ignisis asked

"Nothing man"Scio replied


"Ya,I just told him that it is quantmechanically possible to control elements.Specially fire and Ice.And then they can be used to forge weapons and used in fights.See even these equations give the result.And I told him it is very easy to make a model and we should try it.And before I knew he was angry calling me stupid fool and cursing me.Man seriously I don't know what happened."

"Maybe he thought you were fooling around with him" Ignisis said

"Maybe"Scio replied

"Maybe,you  should prove to him,build a sword,a sword of fire.And ya I can do a demo for you"Ignisis continued

"Maybe " Scio smiled with a twinkle in his eye.


But what  the boys didn't know,in a land far away a king waited for just this kind of  weapon, a weapon whose power he had only heard stories about , a weapon which he needed to yield his evil plans.  


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