A Falling Rain Droplet

A chain of short stories in the rainy days; a chain of love stories in thousand of falling rain droplets.

Author's note:
I was sitting on the bus while it was raining outside. Then, the inspiration came.

Thanks for reading. Please correct me if there's mistakes in grammar and such in chapter comment.
Thanks before.

[Note: All names here are just fiction. So do the names for places]


1. Prologue


do you know,

what is the speed

of a falling rain droplet?"




Kana asked me an unusual thing,

when we were waiting for the rain to stop at our school's bike shed.

I was just shaking my head.


"The big one will fall at 9 meters per second,

and the small one at 2 meters per second,"


She explained,

as she raised her hand to the sky,

letting it wet by the rain.


"Oh, you know things like that," I said.


Kana and I were sitting on our bikes that were already in ready,

yet it was still raining,

and seemed it won't stop for few next hours,

and we just waiting.


"Rain is beautiful, you know?"


"It is?"

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