running from the shadows

vivvianne will stop at nothing to be with jack , but will nothing be enugh?


1. a plan

"what am i doing" vivvianne was thinking to herself ," i mean im practically running away , but i love him , they cant stop me from loving him , they can lock me up , ban me from making contact with him , but my feelings will bever change" a single silver tear appeared in vivviannes perfically shaped hazel eye. "what did i ever do to deserve this ? i have good grades , in read , im the perfect doughter , at least i thought so" vivvianne was on her favourate black horse , midnigh. she named him so because his body and hair are as black as the sky at midnight. "when this is over my and jack can he happy together , well at least one can hope".

she was heart broken her family would not allow her to be with her true love just because vivviannes parents did not get along with jacks. 24 years ago everything was fine, until jacks parents took vivviannes parents company. then they were at each others throates.

but 2 weeks ago when she met jack she swore she will be with him , no matter what it takes. " i know if my family finds out ive been secretly seeying jack they will kill me, so let it be , there is no life for me without him" then  vivvianne had a plan , if her and jack got married maby that could end the war between the two families and she knew just when to act , the mascurade mall , which happens to be this weekend.

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