lol werewolf/wolf shape shifter poem :3


1. Blow your house down and eat you

No matter where I go

It will follow me forever

A curse that chains me to the moon

How ever far I go or run

This chain just stretches and extends more

I now welcome a beast in my reflection

A beast I lock in a cage

Every full moon I rip into shreds

Bones cracking in places you never thought of

A monster ready to mark it's territory I'm missing my human flesh already...

Haunting the night with my howling

People ready to shoot

Yet a trapped soul is inside the wolf skin

Each night more blood on my hands

Each morning sorrow in my eyes

I'm always hungry

A dog ready for another toy to chew apart

Not just animal but a very bad one

The bones in your body

Making my mouth water

Then your heart just a tease

Especially when racing fast

Another night approaches

So don't get led astray

I lay in a river...

Chained and bound

With the moon above

This flesh with a curse

And I just smile now like a big bad wolf.

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