the fallen

daisy thinks life is simple , you fall in love , live and die. but when she meets het soulmate she realises thers a whole other world , which is much more dangerous than she thought.


1. A nightmare.

Daisy didnt mean to die that day,None does  - it just happens, but you see, thats the problem with humans.Ignorant little creatures. Daisy was really annoyed , she had missed her ride home ,again!

It was a dark thursday evening .The stars were shining .The moon was glowing on to daisy`s black hair. She had to walk home, alone. The only way to get home was through the forest,how cliche!  A young girl , in the middle of a forest .All alone.t nigh. But her prince charming isnt here to save her, this is the wrong story. In this story people get hurt, it might even be fathal. Thats another problem with humans , they get too attached , fall in love way to quick , only to get their poor little hearts broken , what a pity , they alway make great toys.

it was getting darker and darker , daisy  was loosing her way home . Its never good for a girl to be lost in a forest on her own. you never know whats lurking their. Theri was a chilling rush of strong wind, it nearly knocked daisy over. But she kept on walking. counting every footstep. Daisy normally does that when shes afraid , it helps her think of something else, but her fears. She was getting deeper and deeper into the woods, the sky was darkening , the moon was getting bigger and it was getting colder. Right now every little thing daisy was afraid of was comming true.

She was beggining to get cold , in her pink lace , satin dress. as she passed the corner of what looked like the extit of the woods , she heard a faint cry for help . Who could be in the middle of a forest ? at this time? 

Daisy followed the cry, it was getting louder by every step she took. As she reached the middle of the dark forest she saw a small girl- about 6 - on the floor crying. "im lost" her cute little girl voice was like nailed against a porceline plate. Chills run down her spine, the girl got up. She walked closer and closer to Daisy. Each step she took, the faster daisys heart pounded. Until she reached Daisy. And grabbed her.

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