Magical Training

Hi everyone! This is a short story I wrote for the BBC 2 Writing competition - hope you enjoy it! :D


1. Magical Training

Snowflakes drifted silently down from the dismal sky, as light as a feather and as if they had been glazed with sparkling crystals. Whispering thousands of secrets in an inaudible language, the intricate jewels settled gracefully, coating the land in a suffocating blanket. Silken masterpieces were encrusted with icicles that chimed and radiated vibrant rainbows frequently.

“Lottie, could you at least attempt to control your powers?” Flynn protested, groaning. “I would prefer it if I did not have to explain to Hunter’s parents why their son’s face has been scorched!”

“Sorry!” Lottie franticly apologised. “You know though, mastering one’s powers is a complex journey…and anyway Hunter may appreciate that my powers are currently unstable, what with this frosty weather around” She suggested, staging innocence.

Flynn snorted. “When have you started being considerate of others?” He asked. “I know you wish more than I do that your powers were under control”

Lottie sighed. That was true. More than anything her dream was to become a significant wizard in the magical world; however that fact was not assisting her with her desirable wish that was so close and yet so far.

“Ok,” Flynn began, sighing. “Let’s give it one more go” By the jaded look on his face and the weary tone of his voice, he no doubt wished he was indoors (yet considering they were practising unsuccessful fire magic maybe that wasn’t a great idea).

Desperately, Lottie delved inside to a familiar part of her mind and reached out to the tranquil ocean that was her blocked source of magic. Pleading, and feeling sudden formidable resentment at her failure, something happened. Something inside her snapped. She did not need to repeat the enchantment she had mulled over for weeks (as she had guessed it was her stumbling pronunciation) or speculate over others successful spells – it was all instinctive.

Drawing on her magic, Lottie released a blazing dragon crackling with scorching heat, raining sparks that materialised and exploded into shimmering embers. Ice which littered the ground beneath her feet melted instantly with a disconsolate sizzle, and the staggered look on Flynn’s normally cynical face revealed that that was not expected.

“Lottie,” he whispered hoarsely “what did you do?”

“I…I don’t know exactly…it just sort of happened” she ended lamely. Despite the glacial temperature, beads of sweat had appeared on her forehead and her usual easy breathing had raced into a pant.

“That was an exceptionally advanced illusion,” Flynn choked out “Not even graduated wizards can accomplish that!”

“It was just an illusion?” Lottie asked, crestfallen. “I thought it was pretty amazing personally!”

“No, it’s not that I dislike it Lottie, completely the opposite really”

“You mean it?” Lottie said, eyes gleaming with tears that she brushed away franticly before they became frozen. “I am really that capable?”

“Yes, I am surprised I did not predict your strength before now,” he speculated aloud “I think you are just going to grow more accomplished!”

Lottie grinned, elated at her praise. “Magical world…here I come!”

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