Aphrodite's Brow

A poem about love never found. Inspired by two days ago when I was sat alone in the most beautiful spot in the fading light of a spring day and these images started flashing through my mind...


1. Aphrodite's Brow

A capture of a fairytale,

An enchantment on the sea and dale

Cast by an imp many moons ago,

And here I see the fleeting spell go:


For the purity of the sapphire sky

That stares at me as winds blow by,

The moon, painted on the earth's great sphere,

Aphrodite watches lovers here.


The stillness of the waking night,

Silouhetted by the fading light

Stands an orchard, scattered by years of gales,

Aphrodite is waiting 'neath the many veils.


My lover draws near, racing with the breeze,

Bodies as one, we embrace wth ease,

I feel Aphrodite, her brow carved with isles,

Blessing these lovers with an omniscient smile.


Yet lit is the path that leads the way

To the road I walk to and fro in the day.

And, under the shade of Aphrodite's brow

I feel I know not my lover now.


As the road is deserted, not a lover to be seen,

My path remains empty, it forever has been.

"Have you no love?" I hear the earth sigh,

"No, I am under Aphrodite's brow," says I.

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