Story Collection: 1

This is a collection of stories, with multiple genres, that will start of small and grow over time. They might follow on, they might be random, but it's only stories. If you want poems, please read my movella 'Dark Poems' and I currently don't have any non-dark ones. The poems may not be perfect, or much good at all, just little ramblings and things to do for a change.


1. Shipwrecked

Sand crept into my wounds, as the salty water washed over my body. Images of a shipwreck crept into my mind, serving as a haunting reminder of what had happened. My head throbbed with pain. Looking around, I tried to find my friends. But they weren’t there. They were gone.


(This is an entry for a competition, I'll let you know how I do in the comments when I get the results.)

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