A few thoughts about a few topics.. hope you enjoy ;)
There are 4 poems...


1. Snake



She slides into his arms

Making herself comfortable

Feeling his heart

Beating against her


She slides into his arms

Not knowing the full truth about him


She slides into his arms

Deciding to get the better of him


She slides into his arms

Knowing beyond knowing

That he does not love her

And yet she covers every space of him


She drifts into his embrace

Leaving hot kisses and flaming spots

On his massive chest

Intertwining her small hands into his

Delving into his heart of hearts

Arousing heat and lust and desire


She slips into his heart

Knowing that she cannot catch up

With the beating and pumping of his mind


She slips into his heart

Knowing how to ignite the fire in him

Knowing what to touch and what to probe

To let him fall on his knees for her


She glides on his body

Like skates on ice

Leaving no trace of love


She is like a snake

Being everywhere, everytime

Slipping into the nooks of his heart

Igniting the flames of desire

Watching the tongues

Eat his body up

Until nothing is left

But her









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