This account is about friendship, and how I would give my life for a friend....hoping she would do the same.


1. The Heavens Opened On The Bustop

Huddled together, her breath warmed my face as her hands clung to mine. The rain was regurgitating from the clouds ,making our clothes sticky and unbearable. We were unaware of the current time and we had both lost our school bags on the current bus. The day wasn’t going so well.

I craned my neck to scan the roads for oncoming buses, unfortunately there was none. The sharp morning wing bit at my skin and tore at my cheeks, I shivered. “Willow? Are you feeling okay?....” Heaven stuttered  halted by the gusts of violent wind. “Yeah, I think so...” I replied. Looking around me, the street was so dull and dark for an early morning in Redmond. The clouds were ripped open and and bleeding on the sidewalk. Heaven acknowledged my bewilderment  and anxiety so she peeled her jacket of her back and draped it on my shoulders. Although it was extremely soggy it acted as reinforced protection  from the fierce battle against the weather.

I squinted my eyes and titled my head to form an appreciative nod.

I managed to paste a smile across her face.

Another painstakingly slow hour drifted past and the rain was still belting, but this time with more force, it almost seemed as if the clouds were against us.

Finally the clouds  exposed the sun and ignited the sky with an orange glow. Heaven was still toured above me, protecting me, shielding me. She smoothed the clouds' teardrops off my skin. Her golden eyes locked my gaze. An uneasy smile creased her face. She looked ...weak.


That worried me.

I would never want Heaven to be in pain, nor let any harm come to her.

If someone were to rest me on a hospital bed and crack open my ribcage, dig out the veins, rip out flesh. They would reach my heart. As fragile as it may be, that organ is strong enough to contain fragments of Heaven within every blood vessel. She will always be with me.

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