Path to the top

About an MMA fighter who refuses to stay down after being constantly beaten up


1. I can't give up now

My head hit the mat hard, blood was oozing from my head, a gash that would need more than stitches to fix. Is this it for me, should I just give up now? There's no shame in throwing in the towel now right? No wait, what am I saying? I can't give up now, not after everything I've been through. I felt myself heating up on the inside, I liked that feeling.

"C'mon Stone, do you want to give up?" I heard the referee say to me.

Slowly, I made my way back to my feet, I didn't have much left in me but enough to carry on fighting for now.

"Does this answer your question?" I said, exhausted after all I had suffered.

"OK, continue fighting"

I smiled, this was what I had been waiting for

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