This is a poem written for my english class. It is how I describe vengeance. Hope you like it!! :-D


1. Vengeance

Gnawing, clawing relentlessly at your insides,

Planting constant seeds of doubt to fester in your minds,

Persistent weight dragging you down,

Forever under, to make no sound,

Takes no sides, friend nor foe,

Threatening loyalty to overflow,

Always remains unseen, petrified of light,

Skulks in the shadows, morphing into night,

Ignoring reason refusing to cease,

Never allows pause or peace,

Reject its offer dawn or dusk,

Pay no heed to promises of revenge or lust,

Pressurizing speech, thoughts and will,

Reason discarded in an icy chill,

Escape its clutches, intent on a feast,

Preys on compassion and understanding the least,

Before darkness envelops, everlasting bitterness guaranteed,

Condemns you to eternal blame and pleads,

Continuous echo, absent in its demise,

Forget the past – leave it behind,

Tear the bond and shred the ties,

Leave this scandal of schemes and lies,

Preventing life ancient and new,

Beginning or ending face the truth,

Portrays the horror trapped under key,

That writhe hidden deep beneath,

Gone astray, stay on route,

Don’t recall the path that you once took,

Luck will not have it that you succeed,

Many have tried, futile attempts to achieve,

Cunning persuading, poison seeping, energy draining,

This is what Vengeance is.

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