The Illness

Da Edwards storesøster, Katie, bliver fundet død, grundet en sygdom, er Edward knust. Men der er en længere historie bag sygdommen, der får en til at fråde i hele ansigtet. Havde manden der kom løbende ud af en kirke ret? Var det et tegn oppefra? Nej! Da Edward forfølger en skygge, i den selvsamme kirke, kommer han ud for noget der kan koste ham livet!


1. The illness

The Illness

I turned a corner onto Blissett Street in Greenwich the fifteenth of May, 1946, with my friend Jeremy, one day after school, when a man came, screaming, out of a church. "The illness has spread! It'll consume your brain from the inside and you'll die frothing all over! The illness has spread! Save yourselves!". "Poor man!" I said. "Yea, so many people are going mad these days." Jeremy answered "I'm off here." he said and went down a small street. I continued a few hundred yards till I reached the little green house where I lived. By the way, my name is Edward and I'm 12 years old. I went inside the house and of course a terrible smell met me; I had forgotten to take out the trash this morning. So, I went out with the trash and a couple of minutes later I was back home again, standing in the rather big entrance hall,where only my older sister, Katie's, coat were hanging. I went down the long, red-carpeted, corridor to the kitchen. I strolled across the chess patterned floor to the kitchen table where I found a red shiny apple. I took the first bite, and compared to the freshness of the fruit, it was easy to smell that the stench of the trash hadn't yet lifted. I opened the windows and doors of the lower floor in the house but the stench wouldn't lift. Whatever, I thought. I went up the spiral staircase to the upper floor where my room was. It was as though the stench intensified as I went down the scarlet corridor to my room. "Hey, sis." I said as I walked past Katie's room, because I knew she was home: her coat was hanging in the entrance hall. There was no answer, so I tried again, this time a little bit louder. Again there was no answer. I knocked on the door, but there was no "come in" from my sister. I pushed the handle and the stench intensified as ever before! I couldn't see my sister anywhere, but after a while, I spotted a body, lying under her duvet. She was probably  just sleeping, but she was unnaturally silent and it would be impossible to sleep in this stench. So I lifted the duvet, and a terrible sight met me! Katie was lying there, her eyes wide open, with froth all over her mouth! Her long black hair was in chaos and her school uniform (which she was still wearing, for some reason) was immensely creased. So it was true! The illness had really spread! And it had taken my sister! I screamed (!) and ran downstairs, where I met my father, James, who had just come home. I told him everything!


Five days later, when I was at my sisters funeral, in the church, I dozed off after a while. I had been crying the last couple of nights, so I was very tired. I dozed off, but woke up again, when a volatile shadow caught my attention. Unnoticed, I slid down from the worn church bench and followed the shadow: everyone was praying, with their eyes shut. The girl shadow seemed to have no owner. Weird, I thought. I followed the shadow out of, and around, the church, where it entered a back entrance. It speeded up, on the long, contorted, stone floored, corridors of the church. Finally the shadow reached a dead end with an immensely high speed. I didn't manage to stop so I collided with the wall. I went, almost unscratched, right through the wall! I had fallen over, and when I stood up again, I looked into a lot of books! The room where I was standing, was dark, except for the light from the little hole, of which I had fallen through.The bookshelves were dusty and the books looked very ancient. There were rows and rows of bookshelves, all filled up with thousands of books. It must be an ancient library, I thought. Suddenly I heard a cold, drawling, high-pitched voice of a girl, a couple of rows from me! ”Good job, good job! I knew you were something more than a just shadow!”. Then my heart skipped a beat! I could just make out the thin outlines of a little girl with long black hair and dark eyes, contrasting her ghostly white skin! She wore a long black dress and was only about three feet tall. I was scared to hell, but my legs wouldn't move. The girl moved closer to me, her bare feet making the old floorboards creak. Her pupilless eyes looked deeply into my face. Then she spoke: ”You are about to join your sister! In the grave! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaa!” she said in her merciless voice. ”W-what do you mean?” I asked, although I thought I knew it. ”This!” she said, and at the excact moment a slimy, decayed hand grabbed my wrist. Then two more, one around my leg, the other around my shoulder. Now innumerable rotten hands were grabbing me all over my body! I tried to look at the faces of the owners of the hands. It was as though time stood still when I saw Katie's pale, white face looking at me as though she had never met me. I was pulled backwards by the mass of walking dead, and the last thing I saw and heard was the little girl roaring with evil laughter.

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