Veeta Slum

Callis lives in the slum of the city Veeta. His money and funds are to perish, and he earns money by streetfighting in the underworld. His past is dark and lonely and his trust of mankind is limited untill he meets the older Orwell. Orwell will do anything to escape the power of the dictator Magginy. Callis' prejudices to other people have to be buried, to eliminate the regime.


2. Freedom

Orwell ran in the woods. The dogs and guards were just behind him. Jump, lift right foot, duck, to the left, right, duck. His senses were supernatural. His rage to the dictatorship gave him the strength to keep the distance between Orwell and the wine red-dressed guards. Orwell saw the fence in the distance, about 100 feet. He gave his last to get out of the testing area, which he had known for a far too long time. The footsteps and the snarls came closer and Orwell pushed himself to the max. His hands grabbed the fance and he began to crawl up. The metal sound from the fence and the taste of freedom gave Orwell the powers to crawl faster and swing up on the other side. FInally, what he had waited on for 7 years.


After he got over the fence he had to cross an area with mines. It was definitely a small area. There were trees 32 feet from the fence. "I just have to jump in the right order", Orwell thought. In the 5 years he had planned the escape, he secretly had peeked where the mines has been placed. He started on his right foot. Two steps forward and one to the left. Back half a step and turn to the left. Walk 6 feet forward and then to the right. Now came the hardest part - Orwell had to jump about 3 feet over the line of mines, without landing on the next line. The sweatdrops ran from his forehead down to the chin. He didn't have much time. "Okay," Orwell whispered "Here it goes". He jumped with closed eyes: the ignorance, of were he was, was killing him. He felt he was in the air in eternity - when he landed on the gound. Orwell was frozen of all the things which could have went wrong, but he slightly began to move again. He remembered the next part of the path to freedom, which was the easiest. Only two or three mines.


Suddenly he heard exaggerated noise coming from his left side. The wave pushed him several feet and he landed on the second mine. The last thing he saw was a yellow and red fire sparkling and glitter all around him.


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