Veeta Slum

Callis lives in the slum of the city Veeta. His money and funds are to perish, and he earns money by streetfighting in the underworld. His past is dark and lonely and his trust of mankind is limited untill he meets the older Orwell. Orwell will do anything to escape the power of the dictator Magginy. Callis' prejudices to other people have to be buried, to eliminate the regime.


1. Problems of the Slum

The opponent had a grin on his face. He faded away. Back again. The hand striked through the air and hit Callis on the cheek. He fell down on the ground and smashed the head into the concrete. Darkness.


Callis woke up on the cold, wet ground when the first rain fell. His headache was massive. He had much trouble getting up but after several attempts his body worked properly again. He checked his body and how his body had recieved the punches from last night. His legs were allright, a bit aching but allright. His arms were aching and full of scratches. Blue and yellow on the shoulders and hands. The knockles had scratches. The worst part of it was the stomach - it was full of bruises, scratches and open wounds. As far as Callis knew he didn't have inner bleedings. The rain got worse as he headed home.


The cellar was dark, scruffy and smelly. 172 square feet was quite a luxary for one person, but with the money Callis earned, or had earned, it wasn't an actual problem - yet. His money would ran out sooner or later which explains the fights in the underworld. Ever since the dictator and her officers brutally killed his big brother. All the money he had saved up slowly began to fade away, he had spend it all on boose, girls and illegal gambling. After two years of instant clearness, his former life  was almost gone. Callis swore to not live in the past - forget about his brother , forget about his addiction, forget about his childhood, forget of the job, forget the friends which wasn't there when he needed them, and forget about all the fights he had won. The only thing he had to concentrate about was collecting experience from every single fight, to eventually raise enough money untill the time he cannot fight.

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