Climber Boy

A poem written about a group of children. Can also be considered an Anti-bullying piece.


1. Climber Boy

Anonymous infants encircled with a predatory glint in their wild-eyes and scrabbled impishly at scented bark, hungrily eyeing the sun-baked orange fruits that hung precariously - swollen with juice that gathered beneath punctured skins, waxy from sunlight's mothering care.

Teasing amongst themselves a trio of bodies each pointing tongues at another, shouting childish taunts of cowardice, one - a turquoise shirted lad puffed up his lungs bravely, and with a splash of saliva to each feeble palm he launched, sneakers sending him flying toward the chestnut shaded grooves, desperately he scraped nails across the tree's breadth, trying to find some hidden nook or thumb sized hole, where a finger could latch on 'pity I ain't spider man' gritting his baby teeth together in anguish, as his hands unwillingly released their hold, a sharp wheeze escaped his fly-trap mouth as he saw crimson - flesh caught on a tree growth, angrily his wound retreated into a tongue's embrace as the wannabe lemur couldn't help but sulk.

'Coulda conquered that stupid tree, what are you idiots laughing at?!' feeble protests from the boy who tried, hopelessly he let his chin fall downward, thumb sucking with a blush beating upon his cheeks.

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