The Twenty-first Century Woman

I was going to write a poem about mothers, sisters, girl-friends and all the great stuff they do for us, but somehow ( don't ask how) this poem turned into a poem totally about feminism. So waht do you ladies (and gentlemen) think about it?


1. The Twenty-first Century Woman

From meek mice,

We have evolved into lithe leopards,  

No one can douse our ferocious fire,  

No shadow can hide the light of our love,  

Soft as the silent dusk,

Stronger than the great rapids,  

Like the great oak,

No storm shakes our boughs

Like the mighty mountain,  

We stand proud.



Twenty-first century women,

With our soft curves and hard minds,  

Bitten, bitten and bitten once more,

But never shy,

Invincible, unstoppable antifeminists beware!  

Surrender your thrones men,

Its time your shadows stood in the limelight.



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