The Things I Love

This is a poem I wrote for my English class at school. It is about most of the things I love in the world! Please comment as it will help for my other pieces of writing!


1. The Things I Love

The faint whisper of snowflakes, frozen crystals;

Bluebells enveloped in fragrance, a haze of purple;

The sugary scent of vanilla, creamy and sweet;

Strawberries succulent and ripe, thirst quenching and the colour of a radiant sunset;

The feel of refreshing rain, therapeutic and tranquil with its shrouding mist;

Crackle of flames, eagerly devouring wood to glowing embers;

The feel of frothing bubbles caused by the foaming, roaring waterfalls;

Lavender intoxicating, muddling the senses;

The sticky texture of golden syrup, the colour of a long awaited autumn leaf of burnished gold;

Fireflies drifting on a crisp, sharp night like scintillating stars, extra lights in the heavens;

The welcoming rustle of rifled pages, on a brittle, frosty winter night;

Cherry blossom in bloom, a vivid, alluring vibrancy, elusive floral aroma, indescribable exquisiteness;

The inviting scent of appetizing baking bread, radiating a warm, homely glow;

Peaceful bird’s song echoing across the world, a chorus of chirping voices never tedious;

The bubbly feeling of uncontrollable laughter, carefree in every way, never fails to discard melancholy;

Dandelions airborne, leisurely and dawdling, to an unknown destination, discovering a new world;

The saccharine aroma of candyfloss, wispy clouds delectable and desired, the colour of velvety, silk roses;

Dew clinging like shards of moonlight caught on delicate, silky petals sprinkled with diamonds and dreams;

All of these have been my loves.

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