She's a Witch!!

Kathryn Jones life changes when everyone in town thinks she's a Witch.

Will Kathryn survive or will she perish forever.


1. Rumours


It was a dark,stormy night, i went to my window terrified of what would be facing me in the dark. As i nervously pulled back the curtains, i heard the bellowing sound of people yelling. I slamed them shut SHARP but i new i had to do it. With shaking hands i winged them open and saw the shiny,sharp points of pichforks, the golden glow of the deadly fire flame, the angry mob of people looking up and aiming their swords of light, soon i knew i would be gone...




It's just a normal day in the town of melton. The sun is shining,the birds are chirping,the school bullies are beating up my house. WAIT WHAT, why on earth are the school bullies beating up MY house. "oi ,what are you doing" i screamed. " Feeding a pink fluffy unicorn strawberrys, What does it look like we're beating up a house",the scariest one said sarcasticly. "YEAH we heard an old witch lives hear" said the not so scary one. I couldnt believe my ears. Did they just say an old witch lives in my house. If so who is she? and where is she now?




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