Parting ways


1. Parting ways



Parting ways

To look away from each other

To forget to glimpse the other's face

To stop yourself from running away


Parting ways

To describe

This big gap

Between us


Parting ways

To tell you

That what we really had

Was nothing


Parting ways

Our hands touching

Fingers intertwined

Letting go of the moment


Parting ways

Our faces inches apart

Our breaths mist in the air

Our lips parted to farewell


Whispering goodbye


Parting ways

Under the moon

Shining on our path

Letting familiarity go

And politeness ascend


Parting ways

To let go

Of each other's memories

Forgetting the days

Of joyous innocense


Parting ways

Saying goodbye

Averting the eyes

Of a stranger


Parting ways

On this path

Where we met

For the first time


Parting ways

With someone

You've shared

your heart with


Parting ways

The distance

Between us



And breaking apart

The only sign

Of Together

The withered edges

Of our relationship


Parting ways

To say goodbye

To the shared promise

Of forever

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