A date with Lou


1. The First Call

Louis Tomlinson is your best friend he was deeply in love with you but you didn’t know that and you were also in love with him but he didn’t know ether you guys were chatting on facebook

Lou: hi can I talk with you.. like on phone?! You: okay sure =) Lou: call you now

he calling to you…

Lou: hi… :/  You: hi is there something wrong? :O Lou: I really like this wonderful girl but I don’t really know how I’d tell her, and I don’t really know if she likes me at all.. :/  You: if that girl doesn’t like you she would be crazy… but if she don’t there still millions of girl out there who love you for you are and not Louis Tomlinson from One Direction Lou: yeah… but what should I do? You: call her now!! Lou: okay Im calling her now :D

he hung up… he called again

You: what is it Lou? Lou: you’re that wonderful girl <3 go out with me

You’re totally freaked out

You: I don’t really know.. is just like… :/  Lou: what wrong?! =( You: I’m joking.. yes I want to go out with you Lou: I’ll pick you up 8 o’clock tonight You: okay but where are you going? Lou: its a surprise

Louis he hung up… ( Louis pleace)


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