In His Opinion

Sarah has to move away from her home, the city, because of her fathers new job. At first she hates it there since she has a boyfriend back in the city and the perfect life as a popular teenager. But with the time passing she starts to accept her new home and when she meets a handsome young man, she thinks she can let go of her old life. But what happens when that man jerects her? Because of her age?


1. In His Opinion





"Sarah. I think we need to talk about us. About our relationship." Ethan said and looked at anything but me.


I felt my heart rate pick up and gulped quietly. This was it! This was the moment where he would finally tell me about his feelings for me and end our friendship and make it into something bigger.


I glanced up at his face so see a serious and uncomfortable expression on it. Trying hard, I kept the smile from my face. I couldn't smile right now. That would only confuse him.


"Ok." I mumbled instead.


"Okay..." he started but stopped. I grinned inside at the sight of him being so cute. Come on, say it Ethan.


"I...I think we need to stop hanging around so much...I feel for you like I feel for a little sister. I...I don't want to hurt you so I think it's best if we slow down." he stuttered out quickly and then finally looked at me to see my reaction.


I laughed. A short laugh.


Then I shook my head. "No, no you're joking. Aren't you? You're joking." I heard myself say. His blue eyes were staring at me, confused.


This wasn't happening. He wasn't breaking our friendship off! He was suposed to confess his feelings for her.


"Im sorry Sarah. I didn't realize you felt like that...I thought it was a simple crush. That's why I didn't say anything before! I thought you only had a little crush on me because I was so nice to you! Damn it Sarah, don't cry." he nearly shouted forcing tears into my eyes.


A simple crush? I loved that man.


My gaze dropped onto the ground not being able to look into his beautiful face anymore. I heard him cussing under his breath but didn't move. He thought it was a simple crush? Was he blind?


Suddenly he pulled my chin up with his finger and I closed my eyes tightly. I didn't want to see the eyes that reject me.


"Im sorry. I am. But I'm too old for you. You're too young. It's illegal to be with you. I'm sorry." he wispered making me close my eyes tighter. I knew it was illegal. He didn't have to remind me.


The grip on my chin tightened and another tear escaped my eye. "Dont close your eyes Sarah.", he odered but I ignored him.


Suddenly I became aware of the embaressment I was in.


I opened my eyes. "Ethan...did you ever, at one point in our friendship, like me more than a friend?" I asked needing to know only this.


His eyes were full with emotion but then they became dull when he answered me. "No. I didn't."


Those words were all I needed and I quickly turned around and ran away. The embaressment, the pain, the love were all emotions that kept me going. Over and over I repeated the our conversation in my head.


He never liked me.


He never will.

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