Diary of a inside kid


1. Setember




September 9th time for school. Just the fact I hate school. I miss summer vacation, even know all I did was play video games. But thats my thing. My mom does not get it. She thinks kids should be active, and not play video games. But in my opinion, video games are active. They keep your thumbs moving. Anyway, I am all ready for school. I am in my car pretending to read my book so my mom is proud. I finally get to school, and I hardly know anyone here. I am now at West End Primary. My other school with all my friends are, is called, Jarvis Primary. I transfered schools because, I was doing bad at my other school, and every teacher expected the worst from me. In class it was all right insept I did not get any little thing. I think teachers really need to work harder, and not confuss children. One kid in there picks his nose, when I there just sitting and waiting till three. Finally, it gets to three, my mom picks me up, and expects homework. I said no, so she parked the car and asked if I could have homework. I tried to get my mom to let me have a break from homework, and she said, I had a 2 month break from homework. 


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