Justin Bieber novelle. (engelsk)

Den handler om den her pige der skal til JB koncert med hende lillesøster og hendes lillesøster 2 veninder. Hun hader Justin, men efter hun taber hendes iPod til koncerten, Justin finder den, han ringer til hende, de mødes, ændres hendes holdning til ham fuldstændig. Jo mere hun lære ham at kende jo mere begynder hun med at ku' li' ham. Meeen hun er også ret go'e venner med Ryan, han vil ik' ha' der sker hende noget ondt. Nyd den!

P.S. - Den her historie er ikke min! Har oversat den til engelsk fordi jeg synes den er smadre go'! Har ikke læst hele del 1 endnu (der er 2 dele!) Sys bare I skulle ta' og nyde den! :-)


1. Chap. 1 - Baby, baby, baby, ooh.

I turned around in my bed, pulled the duvet over my head, and felled asleep again. My long brown hair stuck fast to my neck, it had been a really hot night. Since we moved to Atlanta, there had been warm enough. But it had also been a good start, on a new life. I let go off my thoughts again, when I was really tired after a very long night with my girlfriend, Jasmine. I fell asleep again.

‘’Baby, baby, baby, oh!’’ – I could hear my sister was going crazy again, even over him – EW, I just say.

‘’Natalie, turn off that fucking shit.’’ It just went out of me.

‘’Shut up.’’ It came right back down from the living room, my sister could be so annoying sometimes, urgh! Especially when she constantly ran around and heard him there, Justin, I think his name was. I really couldn’t stand him, think that all girls dropped like flies for him, they were good enough to be naive. He’s properly nothing more than a boy with too much ego, which is far too fond of himself, and believe he owns the world. The worse thing was, that my sister at 13, was crazy about him, there was not an hour without her having been started, ‘’Oh Justin, you’re so wonderful’’ – blah blah blah. Yet she was only 3 years younger than me, but there was really a difference between us. But I didn’t get it, she didn’t even know him. I think it’s so ridiculous that you can love someone you don’t even know. I turned around in my bed, and got sunshine right in my eye. There was so quiet in my bedroom, just until my sister and her two girlfriends, Carly and Jenny, came running in and burst out in song.

‘’It’s like an angle came by, and took me to heaven.’’ They sang in chorus. I sat up in one swift movement, took a pillow, and threw it after them.

‘’Shut up with that shit, and get out of my room, NOW!’’ I screamed after them, I had really got enough now. They had been here all day yesterday, and it was about to be enough.

‘’Sorry Jess… we are looking forward so much for this day.’’ My sister said apologetically. As she reminded me of something that I would rather forget. I had promised mom that I would take them to a Justin Bieber concert, great, I thought and sighed loudly, as it dawned on me my sister was still standing in the door. She looked apologetically on me again, she knew how much I didn’t want to. She climbed into bed with me, and I pulled her into me. She looked up at me, whit her big green eyes, they shone of happiness. – I knew how much it meant for her, that I went with her, and her girlfriends. She smiled her little smile to me and I returned it. ‘’Thanks once again, you don’t know how much it means.’’ Said Natalie, with a bit of crying in her voice. And know when I think back, to the day when mom told her that she had brought tickets, I remember how much she cried, I smiled a little by the thought. She was the world’s best sister. I just smiled at her as response, a few seconds later she was again on the way down to her girlfriends. I lay down again, pulled the duvet over my head, and sighed. It was going to be a very loooog day.


I stood in front of my mirror, for me, it was always a problem to choose clothes. Not because I was into fashion, but I always tried a lot of clothe, before I found the right outfit, to weir. It took me twenty minutes to find something, that I thought was okay. It just ended to be some white shorts, and a pink top, whit a cardigan over. I found my favorite necklace – a long leather thong, with a large purple bead attached. I smoothed my long dark brown hair, and put it up in a bun. My makeup consisted of some powder, mascara, some glitter on the eyes and a little bit of lipgloss. I turned my head towards the mirror, and smiled, not bad.                 

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