Natural Enemies

A typical Jock named James has got everything. He's captain of the football team, he has parents that will give him anything he wants. But he wants a girlfriend now, and he doesn't go for a cheerleader, oh no. He goes for Amelia, the goth. She doesn't know that he likes her, but she likes him too. But because of they're two social groups, they can't mix. But he doesn't care, and he asks her out. But the head cheerleader won't lose him that easily. No chance....


1. Natural Enemies

Yes, cause she's a goth that means she can't interact with people who aren't suicidal. What a load of crap, who cares if she's a goth. She can do what she wants, whenever she wants. Within reason of course. It's a chemical thing, if you're a boffin, people are gonna take the piss out of you. And if you're the captain of the football team, you obviously will go out with the head Cheerleader. Errr, WRONG! The Head Cheerleader is normally a stuck up bitch, no offense or anything but still.

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