Out Of Time

This story is about two best friends that are dared into staying in an old abandoned building over night, as the night progresses creepy things start happening. It gets to the point that their lives are on the line.


1. Chapter 1

It was first period and I was in math class when the teacher got called out of the room to speak to the principle. I turn and talk to my best friend Meagan.
"I wonder what that's all about..."
"I don't know, I hope he gets fired or something." she responds. I shrug and look across the room and listen in to a conversation that some of the other kids were discussing.
"I heard Joey tried to check it out there, and the minute he drove up he saw something in a window and ran away scared.." one of them says
"where?" I chime in. Everyone turns in their seats to stare at me and I can feel my face heating up.
"The abandoned house on that creepy dirt road past fairfield lake, the haunted one." she responds
"You guys actually beleive that? C'mon that's just a myth some loser made up like 15 years ago. It's not haunted."
"Well if its not haunted, why don't YOU stay there for a night?"
"...Well, there are probably rats there....and I really dont like camping or sleeping in cold places where hobo's probably hide out...an.."
"We'll do it! It's not haunted, and we will prove it to you." Meagan cuts me off
"We'll what?" My eyes go wide
"Scared??" one of the girls ask
"No. I'm not scared, I accept your challenge. Meagan and I will stay there for an entire night and videotape everything to prove to everyone once and for all that it's not haunted." I state, voice shaking. They laugh and make a few comments about how we are going to die, and how we wont even last an hour. Then Mr. Talbot walks back into the classroom and makes the class settle down and get back to work.
Throughout the rest of the class I can't help but think they were right when they said that I would die out there, and I don't think I can get out of this one. I can tell already that by the end of the period they will have already tweeted and facebooked about the challenge I had accepted.
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