Need forgiveness

My name is Madeleine. I am Swedish. I am a Christian. I have strong faith in Jesus Christ. I often travel to different places in Sweden every year. I sometimes also travel to Europe. I love walking into the nature. All the beautiful things God had created.

Two young men who was the best friends, but they suddenly disagreed with each other and broke their friendship. Madeleine knows how she can make a solution between two young men.


1. hotel

* In the morning I was walking along the hill road, carrying little baggage and a small purse. * I stopped walking. I bowed to set two bags down on the ground of the hill. I stood up. I looked around and thought “What a beautiful view from the hill.” I saw a village that was called “Gurburg “ I had been standing there for a few minutes. After that I bowed to pick the two bags up and set off for the village. * In the village, I found a small hotel by the river I loved.  I entered it. An old woman was sitting at the desk with a blue guestbook, knitting a wooly poncho. She greeted me friendly with cries of welcome. “Do you have a single room for me?” I asked politely. She nodded, “Yes I still have one.” said she tenderly. She put the knitting needles and the wool on the desk. She got up from the desk and got a key from the key hanger. She gave it to me. “Here is your key. You can have breakfast from 8 to 9:30 every morning.” said she friendly. “Thank you, I always get up early in the morning.” I said. “My name is Madeleine. How can I call you?” “I am Madam Inger Bakke. We wish you have a pleasant stay in our hotel, Madeleine”, she said tenderly. I bowed my head saying “Thank you, Madam Inger”. I was about to walk up the staircase when Inger asked whether she should lead me to my room. But I shook my head, “No, thank you. I know the way.” Then I walked up.  *In the hallway I found my room. When I opened the door, I saw what furniture my room had. The room had an old bed and an old table that was beside the old bed. There was an old oil lamp on the old table. There was an old radio on the small cupboard below the window. There were two portraits on the wall of the room.

That portrait of an old man, who was wearing a black hat and dressed in a black suit with a tie, hanging next to another portrait of an old woman, who was wearing a black bonnet and dressed in a black caraco jacket with a jabot.  “Who are they?” I thought. I should ask Madam Inger about it soon. Then I walked to my little baggage and purse where I had set down. I picked them up and put on the bed ---- I changed into different clothes. I looked around for a mirror I needed, but there was no mirror here. I walked to the window glass that looks like the mirror. I stood looking at myself in the glass. I was wearing a long scarf over my red cardigan and long skirt that my grandma made for me. My clothes looked much better on me. I enjoyed the feel of these clothes. I got hungry. I wondered whether Madam Inger had a small restaurant at her hotel. I took the purse and walked out of the room to go downstairs.

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