Killer Art

Detective Jordyn Kavillion is a top notch investigator with a 100% conviction rate. Then someone starts painting the town red...with blood! Detective Kavillion finally meets her match in wits, will she out smart this clever killer that revels in taunting her, or will she lose her perfect record with a town left terrified as it becomes a canvas for a crazed killer with "a vision"


1. First Brushstroke

It was a cold winter morning, just before dawn. The wind was still. The streets were quiet, the surrounding buildings were dark. It was rare that anyone showed up for work before the sun rose. The town square was paved with cobblestone. His footsteps slightly echoed in the darkness, even with the load he was carrying. He had a well built frame, quite muscular but not to bulky. He had to stay in shape for the line of work he was in. There was a statue in the center, of an archangel, wings spread with its sword raised high as if ready to strike down evil itself. It was perfect, he thought. How ironic.
Most artists like to work in the light, but he rather preferred the darkness. I'm a man of true vision, he thought, only an artist with hands as skilled as mine could create such perfection with very little light. She looked beautiful in the moonlight, and her flowing blonde hair smelled of peaches. He could see the stars reflecting in her ice blue eyes, but now is not the time to admire her beauty, he reminded himself, there was work to be done.
He got his tools from his truck and went straight to work, it wouldn't take him long. After all he was a skilled artist, and he'd done this many times before. Never in the same town of course, an artist always needs fresh canvas for a new piece of art.
This place was special though. He'd heard about her and couldn't resist the oppertunity to create art with her, and if he pulled it off it would be his greatest masterpeice yet.
He smiled as he thought this. Yes, indeed. He will definitly enjoy working with her.
When he finished he stood back and took a second to admire his work, but only a second because the suns rays were beginning to creep over the horizon and he wouldn't want to be named the artist just yet. Not when the fun had just begun. He loved creating art.
He smiled again as he began to drive away and thought to himself.
So much fun!
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