The Kiss

A short story written for the Valentine's competition, about love in an alternative world...


1. The Kiss

I wasn’t supposed to stare, but I couldn’t help it. He had thick short black hair and broad shoulders, He never noticed me, for I never stood out in the open. I stood near the shadows, where I belonged, unseen, unnoticed, undetectable. He was walking along the corridor when another Lord came from the other side; they stopped and started to talk. I looked at his eyes, he had hazel eyes.. Just like mine. I must have been staring for a while because after they stopped talking he walked over to me. I took a step back concealing myself into the shadows; his voice cut straight through my thoughts, ‘Do I .. know you?’ I didn’t know what to say so I took a deep breath and spoke without my voice faltering, ‘N-no.. But I know you..’ That sounded stupid.. But it was the best thing I could say, ‘You aren’t by any chance the new champion.. I can’t remember your name, but I heard you beat all of the male warriors easy’ I was taken back for a second, ‘Yeah.. I am, my names Kiara by the way.. You’ve probably heard rumors ‘bout me..’ I kept my eyes on him just In case I showed any weaknesses. He didn’t seem to walk off or back away, ‘Yeah, I’ve heard of them but I don’t believe them. Just because your different to others doesn’t mean you gotta be like them’ His voice was softer then, almost sincere, he was about to turn to go when he looked back. ‘Will I see you other than in the shadows?’ He let out a small grin to light-heart the question. I managed to whisper a short yes before he nodded as the Lords called him over. ‘Lee! C’mon the High lord is nearly here we must meet him in the gathering’ Lee.. So that’s what his name was..

I was just about to Phase Shift when I felt it; a sharp pain that seared the mind. I looked around and I wasn’t the only one who felt it. He was grabbing his head in pain, It all happened so quickly, the loud noises, glass smashing then the ground rumbled and shook knocking people off their feet. It went quiet for a second then black figures emerged from all the shadows, Daemons.. One tried to assault a lord. I grabbed for my two short swords and headed for the Daemon, striking it with my hilt. It turned its attention to me growling in rage, a few quick dodges and sword slashes it came tumbling to the ground howling in rage and pain. Nearby daemons joined the fight as other warriors joined in and took up arms, a Brute daemon came charging towards me, it smashed its greatsword onto the ground, I chucked my dagger as it stuck through his chest oozing blood out, it growled in rage and started to swing its fists at me, I didn’t watch his left arm when his fist swung into my chest knocking me off my feet, it came charging with its sword when Lee blocked it, he did a few sword swings as it fell to the ground.

He turned around and offered me a hand up, ‘Careful, Kiara you could’ve been hurt badly, you ok?’ I took his hand as he got me to my feet, ‘I’m.. Fine just abit bruised that’s all’ He rested his hands on my ribs trying to stabilize my standing, I pushed his hand away standing up a bit straighter, ‘I’m fine.. really..’ The daemons rounded up everyone to a huddle while they surrounded us, a more fierce looking Daemon approached us, He looked.. almost familliar, His voice was strong and he kept looking at us like he was the higher authority, He searched around then his eyes fell on me, his whole body expression softened for a split second, ‘Kiara? Is that you.. I havent seen you since last time we were together..’ I tried to hide but everyone was looking at me, one of the lords piped up, ‘You’re part of them? You brought them here didn’t you!’ Everyone started talking all at once, I felt my anger starting to boil inside, ‘ Enough! I didnt do Anything! Get off my case!’ Before anything else could happen I ran through the daemons shoving them out of my way running to the nearest shadow to Phase Shift.

I didn’t know where I ended up. I just didn’t care I needed time to myself, He was walking up to me when I noticed him in the corner of my eye, he looked different but he still had his broad shoulders and jet black hair, ‘I wondered how long it would be until you got out..’ He stopped just in front of me, he rested his hand on my cheek and brought my face to the light so he could see my face, he brushed my hair out my face and leaned closer, ‘I thought I’d lost you when I escaped, you were right behind me then..’ I lowered my face but he brought it back so I was looking into his eyes, his whole body expression was tense, ‘I’m sorry.. They were going to kill you.. I had to stop and make sure you got out.. please forgive me Zack’ He brought his face to mine brushing his lips across mine for a second until he pressed closer deepening the kiss, I brought my arms up around his neck as he hooked his arm around my back and waist, the kiss deepened as we stood in each others arms for a few seconds before I heard footsteps and swords clashing against swords as daemons came around the corner.

Zack pulled away from the kiss hiding me in the shadow, the injured one started to talk first, ‘Lord, They took us by surprise taking out our guards, they’re starting to fight back in many numbers, also their High Lord is here, We must retreat..’ Its eyes shifted to me then growled before slowly bowing down as if it recognised me, Zack stood up straight and yelled orders to the remaining Daemons, ‘Get back, we will take up arms again another time’ He turned back to me and grabbed me whispering in my ear, ‘You can stay here, or I can take you with me to somewhere where you don’t have to hide from anyone’ his hand rested on the side of my face where I kept a tribe tattoo, I wanted to go but I couldn’t I still had someone on my mind, ‘I cant..’ He moved his head back so he was looking back into my eyes. ‘Why can’t you? Please.. I don’t want to lose you again, you may not feel anything for me but I have feelings for you’ I heard the High lords voice yell an order just around the corner, Zack backed away to face the High lord as he arrived just around the corner.

Zack was too slow to react as the High lord threw out a sword as it hurtled its way through the air, I panicked and ran into Zack pushing him over as the sword cut a huge line across my back, I landed on top of him as he instantly made a protective barrier around us, his voice changed to his normal tone, ‘You’re coming with me’ He held onto me as black energy formed between us as we Phase Shifted. I don’t remember what happened next, all I remember feeling was excessive pain through my body as I was slowly falling in and out of consciousness. I woke up a few minutes later to Zack stroking my hair, He had a worried look on his face, when he saw that I was awake he almost jumped, ‘What? Why do you seem so jumpy I’m awake?’ He leaned closer so he was a few inches away, ‘That blade.. was meant to kill me, It was Hand-Crafted with poison, Strong enough to kill a brute.. I’m actually glad and surprised you’re not dead..’ He stood up as I sat up, he came and stood infront of me and held me as he bent down and kissed me again, this time he pulled me to the end of the infirmary bed, I slid my arms up his chest to wrap them around his neck, he rested both his hands on my waist.

We must have been kissing for more than a minute because I started to pull away but he wouldn’t stop, he started to kiss my neck, His hands started to tense and his hold on me got tighter, ‘Wait.. Stop’ He started to lessen his grip, he brought his head back but his eyes weren’t his own, they were black but after a second they started to fade back to his normal eyes, ‘Sorry.. I got carried away’ I stood up and rubbed my head, ‘Where exactly am I.. Except for being in the infirmary’ He smiled and led me out of the infirmary to a camp where there were a lot of small huts dotted around the area.

Zack walked to my left side and smiled, ‘Since I left I had been trying to start war with them, especially for what they did to my kind.. Time they paid for it’ I looked at him when he mentioned His kind but I didn’t ask him about it, he started to walk through the clearing, I cleared my throat and looked at him, ‘I can help if you want.. Its time I made them pay for how they treated me..’ He looked at me almost as if saying no until he sighed then nodded, ‘You know how to fight still, let’s see if you can adapt to our ways, I’ll set up a challenge between you and another champion’ We started to walk down when I noticed him, at first I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but he walked up and greeted us and I knew it was him.. ‘Lee..?’ He turned around and smiled, ‘Ah so looks like I was going to see you other than the shadows’ My heart was pounding in my chest, Zack spoke which broke the silence, ‘Ah that makes it so much easier, Since you to know each other I should also mention, You two will be fighting for Kiara to know how we fight’ Lee nodded and looked towards me, ‘Follow me to the training grounds, Kiara’ He said my name in a strange way that I didn’t understand at first, as if he was implying something, I followed him as Zack started to deal with other issues with brute looking daemons.

We were practising for awhile until Lee said I could go, I was walking around exploring when I bumped into Lee again, he stopped in my way on purpose and created a conversation as a distraction, ‘It must be odd seeing me here when I was a.. ‘Lord’ with the others, But I can answer that, that was part of a cover for me, get into the enemy and infiltrate with important information. I was told about you, when I laid my eyes on you I instantly knew who you were’ He backed me up against the camp wall, he placed his arms on the wall so I couldn’t get past, ‘Yes, It’s odd at first but I kind of assumed that, when the daemons were entering through the phase shift, you helped them, a great deal of power is used to do that, but the whole grabbing your head was a good cover.. Things like that with them are easily noticed.. Power being drawn from a certain point..’ He placed his finger on my lips to silence me and laughed softly, he brought his face closer to mine, just a few centimetres away, ‘I know you like me, I can see it in your eyes, and to make it easier, I like you too but I see the way Zack looks at you, he also likes you doesn’t he..’ I nodded trying not to move to much as Lee leaned closer pressing his lips against mine, my heart was pounding in my chest and my face felt hot as the blood rushed to my cheeks, his hand went down to my waist as he pulled me closer into him, I let my hands slide up onto his chest as the kiss deepened.  

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