Breezing through the pages of History

We do not die, we do not experience, we just feel and get carried away.


3. Here goes



I am Bernie, a PhD student writing up his final thesis. Except that I am three months away from submission and I have done nothing at all. So I asked a peculiar entity for help and I am sure you read his response. He is right of course : I do not have a choice. I need him.

"An overview of the world's most notable events through history from prehistoric times to today" is due quite soon and if I try getting it done by rummaging through highly inaccurate historical references, it's going to take me at least two years. I need someone or something that has all the answers available. And he does. So do his relatives.

Here goes :


Dear Steve,

I am so glad you have agreed to provide me with your services and that your work ethic is so admirable. I am of course referring to the speed at which you responded to this employement letter (before I sent it).

I am also interested in working with your relatives. No more unnecessary communication will be necessary (like these formal letters), just have them send me their recollections as well.

I hope your family and yourself will be able to start promptly.

Thank you for your time.




I guess that when the going gets tough ego takes the backseat.

The next three months are obviously going to be instructional but very tedious. Fun times.



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