1. An open door for salvation.

There’s a voice ooh so sweet lullaby

I fall asleep dreaming to be thy

But your heart is weak and I’m paralyzed

Love is strong still fire will stand

Across the world shattered


There’s a hunger slowly growing

Inside of you and I’m done knowing

Your words are not real I’m still dreaming

I know you will find the door

I know you will save me from going too far


There’s a savior in your eyes

I trust you and no more lullabies

The future haunts filled with pain and anger

So as my king you will bring me your troops

To guide and save us from the burning world


There’s a hope on the other side shinning brightly

Your heart dies slow still you hold me tightly

The fire inside you is about to die out

This love will be the end of everything

I recall my final strength to keep you safe


There’s a fire lighting up the starlit night

I look into my saviors eyes and there he fight

For the love he thought was real

But someday love will stand between us

The future awaits for my answer


For now there’s hope among us all

For you I hunger every night not to fall

Not to break down and die

Only you I hold tightly

Only you I dream about


But do you see what keeps me away?

Do you touch my skin knowing my hunger

The hunger I’m running away from

There’s a answer for all in this life

But the door of salvation was not in you

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