(Book Trailer Included) Four teenage girls, Jane, Carmella, Mia, and Lily are experiencing some of the most difficult situations a teen could possibly have. Each of their lives shall intertwine with one another. This story exemplifies the often not so perfect lives of teenage girls by diving deep into the emotional struggles of adolescence.

Also, I do not own images, I only put the cover together myself and wrote the entire story. All image copyright goes to their rightful owners. Thank you (:


1. Jane's Story Part 1:


   My life is ruined. It’s over. It’s all fucking over. Everything I ever had faith in and cared for so deeply has just slipped right from my fingertips, smashing into a million little pieces.    

   I continue to reread the message on my phone over and over again as I walk home in the rain, no umbrella. I just let the rain drops blend with the tears running down my cheeks.    

    I still can’t believe he just broke up with me over a fucking text message. Worse, I can’t believe this is actually how he feels.

    We were together for three years and now he’s just tired of me. What did I ever do to him? I gave him my heart and he took it for granted. I always thought we would be together 'til the very end. Now in my junior year he dumps me just like that.

    I study the black font before my eyes once more before bursting into a sob. It just hurts so much. It’s like a stab in the back. He lied. He told me we’d be together for all eternity, but that was just a bunch of bull shit.    

   Jane, I really don't want to have to say this, but it was bound to happen. We've been together for so long and I think it’s time we move on and see new people. I mean, yeah, freshmen year we both believed that we’d be together forever and all that, but we gotta look at reality. And in reality, we’re both gonna go our separate ways. Like, I didn't want to disappoint you..but I knew I had to eventually. I’m really sorry...but we've gotta move on. This might sound harsh, but I don’t really wanna hang out anymore. I was in love with you for so long, and it'll be too hard for me to deal with seeing your face any longer. So let's just be distant and...move on...I'm sorry......goodbye, Jane."


Tues, April 16 From: Johnnyboo

    I cringe at the nickname I called him when we were dating. But I won't have to worry about seeing that anymore.

   I go to my contacts and find his name, my thumb hovering over the button with hesitation. I close my eyes for a moment, letting more salty tears well up in my brown eyes, and once I open them I push the Delete button with such force.

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