The Om NoM Project

They have lived far too long in their black hole, waiting for their stock of meat to mature, to be ready. At last, it is finally time.

(A work in progress. Thanks for your comments and patience!!)


1. The Mao'Naten

Ture rolled out of the Astralance, having just injested a Foodstuff.  Although it was enough to sustain him, (their nutrition alchemists guarenteed that,) is was not at all satisfying.  In fact, it was far from satisfactory.  It felt like something was missing.  Of course, something was missing.  Actual meat.  His ship had survived on pure nutritional blocks for the past 736 million years, 11 months, and 2 days.  That was far, far too long.  Everyone was getting restless for meat again.


Fortunately, the supply of Earth was almost ready for harvesting.  The creators of the project would finally get paid, and the members of the ship would finally have real food to eat again.

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