The Life of a Teenager

Not everything is picture perfect when comes to the life of a teenager.


1. Being me isn't easy

Being me isn’t easy. I’m not ‘hip’, I’m not ‘cool’ and I’m sure as hell not ‘popular’. I love Gothic novels and I hate playing sport. I’m not your stereotypical teenage girl. I’m not tan, I’m not stick-thin and I’m not supermodel beautiful. Me? I’m average. I’m what you would call the ‘anti-social, book reading nerd’. I read books, play videogames, write short stories, listen to music and play the guitar. I love school, and never pluck up the courage to organise something with my friends, well, the few friends I have anyway. I lose friends quickly and find it extremely difficult to make new ones. My favourite novel is Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontё – does that sound normal? I’d rather read a good book than go out and ‘chill’ in the sun. I’m nothing like my friends, who wear the right clothes and listen to the best music and look impeccably immaculate.

Something I’m not.

I’m nothing special. I’m just a girl who doesn’t conform to society. I listen to heavy metal and emo than pop and dance techno. I’d rather wear skinny jeans than a short skirt like most girls my age. I spend a lot of my time on tumblr and other social networking websites yet I hate Facebook. I write a blog and read and write fan-fiction. I don’t run around flaunting my assets at every chance I get, unlike my younger siblings who like to prove that they have everything I don’t: nice figure, good looks and the likable factor.

This is my life. Not so picture perfect, is it?

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