A girl running away from her personal hell to freedom. Her mission in life: to free her brother who took her place in captivity


1. Free at last!

The darkness was descending towards her, the birds were circling her head and yet, she felt no fear. She had faith in Beauty, her horse and her companion. The trials they had been through together were countless. She could her muscles shifting under her dress. She smiled grimly, the days of her riding side saddle like a proper lady her mother wanted her to be were gone. She could now be free, but at such a steep price, her freedom had cost her brother’s his. But as she rode away from her captor and prison she knew that one day she would return. She would free her brother from the slavery their mother forced them into. Their father was an observer, he was his wife’s eternal servant and nothing would change that. But finally, she could smell the clean fresh air. And yet her past haunted her, the grey fields she used work day and night in. The cawing sound of the birds had been the constant tune in her head when she worked. And even as the day ended she would not return, because while working in the field was tough and hard work, facing her mother was much worse. She hated the very existence of her mother; from the day she could walk and speak she was put to work. She remembered looking at her mother’s hands; they were so soft and gentle. Her nails were nicely shaped and the skin was silky smooth. While her own were chaffed and rough, there were calluses from her farm and house work. And all through this mental and physical torture she had a friend. Her Beauty was her only salvation, when her mother had beat her she could always hear the neighing of her horse and even as she screamed in pain she just dreamed as her friend. Of her straw bed outside, curling up next to her horse, she loved the feeling.

She looked around, already she was on an unfamiliar road, and she touched Beauty’s neck to reassure herself. Beauty knew where she was going, Alexsandria was sure of that. Nothing would stop Beauty from taking her away from her hell. They would soon be gone from the sight of their prison. But where was Beauty taking her? What mysteries was she to come upon? Was she going to be able to live? Of course she was. She would live, and become wealthy and then she would take Beauty back and buy back her brother’s freedom.

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