Waiting an eternity

Johnny is a loyal loving man.
Susie is a beautiful loving woman.
together they are one.
will death tear them apart?


1. November 7th

The engine grunted as he turned the key. The headlights flooded the narrow country road with luminous beams of light. Johnny was on his way to work, dark winter mornings made him groan never the less he continued his journey – picking up speed. His mind was full to bursting with thoughts and worries about the following week and every time he thought of her tiny chills creped their way up his back making the hairs on his neck rise. Johnny Harrison was going to make a proud man of Susie Davenport. Gleefully chanting back to the radio Johnny, once again, picked up speed. Every second was crucial. He lost control. Clumsy feet trampling on the firm brake. Spiralling out of control, Johnny prayed. Prayed that no matter what happened in the next 10 seconds that Susie would be safe at home and that if he didn’t make it though she would know that he loved her more than anything else. Smack, the car came to a sudden holt. It was over. He starred at the shattered windscreen and then at the blood infested tree and then at himself. Johnny Harrison’s body was a punctured bag of flesh smothered in a rose red gung.



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