Just another summer...

Taylor has lots of plans for the summer; parties, parties and more parties! But will she meet the boy af her dreams???


1. Just another summer...

I remeber the day when I met ' The Summer boy '. I was 15 and I was at the park with my best friends (I knew since nursery) Chloe and Riely, their twins. We were hyped about the summer ahead of us, one more week to go! We were planning our summer day in and out; going to the cinema, meeting with friends, going to LOADS of parties. And most of all if we're lucky, we might meet a couple of cute boys on the way!


There were three boys slouching on the park bench lazily, about ten feet away from us; they looked really bored. Two of them looked up at us as we walked past, one had greasy blonde hair, a bright red mario hoodie and black tight leather skinny jeans. The other one had dull grey eyes, he looked sad and lonely like someone had forgotten about him when he was little. They were both shorter than me but they were a little bit taller than Chloe and Riely. I looked at my friends, they were staring at these boys with their mouths against the floor.


I tried to see the other boy's face but every time I tried, he noticed and looked away.

From what I could see, he was wearing a red and black checkered hoodie, dark ripped blue jeans and black converses. He had shiny dark brown hair that just reached to to top of his ears.


He looked at me!


He swivled round to see me. His eyes.... his eyes. W.e.r.e   a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Our eyes locked. Emotions were flashing through his eyes. I wanted it to last for ever but eventually he looked away. It wa enough to leave me breathless.


"Quit staring at me." He mumbled quietly. He turned around again to see what my response was going to be like.


"I... um...I was just.. um...sorry." I stumbled pathetically. He chuckled to himself.


"Your cute." He said. Without thinking I said my thoughts aloud.


"And your hot." NO! No, no, no, no!! Stupid, so stupid!

He laughed again, but more loudly this time.


"Jason"He said.


"Taylor" I replied.

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