Changing Lanes

My entry to the love competition.


1. Changing Lanes

From a very early age Carl felt uncomfortable with who he was. Deep down he knew that he was not in the right body and these feelings only got stronger as time passed. He longed to be a Cara, a Carol or even Carly. This was a problem he was too embarrassed to tell even his closest friends about. However, two of his best friends, Carlos and Carter had started to notice that something was wrong.

Carlos brought the subject one evening when the two friends were playing cards. 'Hey Carter, I'm starting to get worried about Carl.'
'Why's that?' replied Carter.
'Well, I'm starting to suspect that he... you know... drives on the other side of the road.'
'Really?' said a shocked Carter, 'That's just reckless, it won't be long before he crashes into incoming traffic!'
'No you fool!' shouted Carlos. 'I mean that while we like nice straight roads, he is more partial to the path that is more... bent.'
'I like both roads though' said Carter to his increasingly annoyed friend. 'I'm quite happy to go both ways.'
Carlos could take it no more. 'I mean that I think he might be gay!' He shouted.

Carlos had noticed that Carl was always playing music from boy bands on his stereo. Carl also never took an interest when they talked about racing or monster trucks. Carlos only began to notice these things after he found a picture on the floor of Carl's garage. It was a photo of an absolute muscle machine with his top down and was signed: 'To my biggest fan, Carl. Love from Austin x.' When questioned, Carl just said that someone had put the picture there as a prank.

Carlos now noticed little details he never had before about his friend that showed a feminine side. Carl had always had difficulty parking and was always extremely fussy about his appearance.
On top of this, he had also started to wear a rainbow sticker and was constantly going straight into the back of others. This had happened way too many times for it to be an accident.
What concerned Carlos was that his friend wasn't happy. Carl was constantly gloomy and a good friend should never let that happen. One evening Carl returned home and when he turned on the light, was greeted by a cry of 'Surprise!' He was stunned, 'What's going on?' He asked. Carlos and Carter smiled, 'It's time for a makeover!'

The friends worked all evening. They changed his paint to a sparkling pink and swapped his transmission to automatic. Next they filled his interior with cuddly toys and widened his exhaust. For the final touch they added furry dice to his wing mirror. Carlos took a step back and marveled at his handiwork. 'Now you are truly a woman's car. How does it feel Carl?' A single tear arose from Carl's windscreen wiper. 'You guys are the best friends a car could have. I shall now be known as Carla and from now on, I will only be driven by women.

A week later, a woman driving Carla attempted to park into one of three empty spaces. She hit the wall at eighty miles per hour. Carla was killed instantly but she had just enjoyed the best week of her whole life. As her engine sputtered out for the last time, she enjoyed the smell of perfume and the music of Justin Bieber on her stereo.
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