The Stages of Love


1. Stages of Love

Romantic affection, Glowing upon her face, Possessing a haunting beauty, Golden chestnut waves, that crash beneath her waist, Eyes enticed in aquamarine, and bramble green, Lips lined with sugar, Painted, like fresh rose petals, Her smile is infectious, Words escaping from her mouth, Loiter forever in my dream cloud Sun kissed skin, is only ever a sin, Fill my china teacup with nothing but love, Let me drink from her heart, lingering above Swallowing down the heat of the smooth liquid, I ask for the calm that arrives with each,  and every single Inhale. Exhale. Lungs tighten, butterflies swarm, Beneath the pits of my stomach, bubbling warm, Take my hand, let us run into oblivion, Make memories, forever reminiscing Absent from reality, obliged to return, I realise as her eyes are interlocked with mine, A quicken of heart pace, senses her brow to furrow The weight of the world balances upon my soul, Leaving within it, a gaping hole, Unaware of my existence, I seize to leave, Could you even defy, my last and final wish? For a meaningful, passionate kiss Laced with love Without her, My lips may remain alone

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