The Hunger Games

Sabitha is Certain when she gets picked to battle in the hunger games.But Sabitha been close to death before but is the hunger games as hard as they are and will Sabitha win and stay alive?.But when Sabitha falls in love with Kevin O'Riley from district 4 can love stay smooth between 2 different cabins.


1. Evil Seventeen

Another year of so of fighting and battle for me.All this war makes me sick.The day i turn 19 i will walk way from all this.Of course anything is better than this.

"Sabitha stop dreaming!"The Same District 7 Deputy Bonnie whats her name shouts.

I stand up straight and pretend i'm listening to her.

"Anyway this year we must win the hunger games"Bonnie shouts and continues to speak i don't listen to her or the others.

"Sabitha Jones"Bonnie yells.I look at her.

"Have you been listening to what i've been saying"Bonnie asks.Everyone stares at me.I shake my head.

"I've been saying this year we must win the hunger games us District 7 have only won once years ago and the two participators this year is Sabitha Jones and Peter Wood"She shouts.I stare no it can't be me.I stare.

Everyone claps there hand.

I cry."NO"I shout and run back home.No way i am going to enter.

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