Happy Ending

This is a short story, I don't know if it is romance. But it's just something I thought would be funny.


1. My Break Ups and Happy Ending

My first break up was like this.

‘I think we should break up.’ ‘Why? Is it me? I promise I’ll change.’ ‘No, no, no.  It’s me not you.’ My second break up was mildly worse.

‘I’m so sorry, but I just don’t feel anything for you anymore.’ ‘But…please, you must feel something for me.’ ‘Yeah, I don’t like you.’

My third break up was just heart breaking.

‘Well, you know that Casey. The friend you introduced me to.’ ‘Yeah, we’ve known each other for forever. Why?’ ‘Well, I think we’re soul mates.’ ‘What!?’ ‘So I think we should break up. And could you give me her number?’

My fourth break up was the least personal. I received a text message,

‘Soz, pls can we just be friends =)’

But I think my fifth break up wins the prize.

‘Hey, babe, how are you?’ ‘Great, why did you want to meet?’ ‘Well, the thing is, I had an epiphany.’ ‘Oh, what was it?’ ‘Okay, ready for it? I think that I’m gay.’ ‘What?’ ‘Yeah, I sort of began to think about it when,’ ‘What?’ ‘When I met your brother.’ ‘What? Alex? He’s five years old.’ ‘No. Not Alex, it’s Vincent.’ ‘What? He’s nine years older than you. And he’s got a girlfriend.’ ‘Yeah, well, that’s why I wanted to meet, I thought maybe you could say a good word for me.’

Well, that one kind of ended with a slap on the face. But, it does have a happy ending, I guess. I see Harry all the time when he meets up with my brother for their dates. Casey still meets up with me and more often than not she brings along Thom. Funnily enough I don’t see Paul that much, probably because he hates me. Or so the gossip says. And Leonard I see at Red Cross, he’s trying to help people.

And as for me, I didn’t get a sixth break up. Turns out, that girlfriend my brother was dating was actually a guy. And that guy realised that he wasn’t gay. And then, we met. And well, there still hasn’t been a sixth break up. And I should hope not. I really don’t want to walk up the altar without anyone waiting for me. Haha.  

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