A dream about a good day, at least a better one than reality

This is a story I wrote for the Valentine's Day competition. It is also my first story.
Aiden. His beautiful eyes, his strong body. I would do anything for him. Give up everything for him. If it only was that simple.


1. A dream about a good day, at least a better one than reality.

A dream about a good day, at least a better one than reality.

I carefully opened my eyes but shut them just as quickly. The sun was hurting my eyes. I tried to open them again, this time it was better. In front of me sat the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. His name was Aiden. “Are you going to lie there all day?” he asked teasingly. “No”, I answered in lack of words and returned his smile. I was lying in the grass with him sitting in front of me. Never in my life had I seen so much green. It had rained all summer with only a few days of sun, therefore had the leaves turned big and the grass long. Today was a sunny day; it had been Aiden who had come up with the idea to take a walk in the forest while enjoying the beautiful weather. “Come on, let’s do something.” Aiden had always been energetic, easily getting restless. He took a firm grip around my arms with his big strong hands and pulled me up. Now I was standing in front of him, dazzled by his gorgeous brown eyes. “You are so beautiful.” I whispered to him, taking a step closer. “Thank you.” He gave me an abashed smile, like he was blushing. Why was he blushing? It was the truth. One of my hands closed around his neck, the other one I put on his cheek. Slowly I bent my head towards his just as he was leaning down his head against mine. Our lips came closer. But instead of kissing him, I only stroked my lips against his. A tempting touch, teasing him of what he wanted. When he came closer, I only pulled further away from him. “No, I want more,” he whispered yearning for a kiss. “It won’t be that easy. You have to catch me first”, I smirked and released myself from his grip. I ran. Through the cool air and the branches that whipped me in the wind. I avoided a tree, then another one. A big labyrinth was what it was. Aiden had soon caught up with me and wrapped his strong arms around my waist to catch me. We stumbled down on the grass again. His back was leaning on the ground and he had me on his chest. “I caught you. Now I’ll never let you go”, he whispered in my ear. The warm breeze of his breath tickled my ear and I giggled. Then he kissed me. Soft in the beginning, then more roughly, like he was craving me. The warmth of his hand lit a fire in my cheeks, or maybe it was his other hand, the one that followed the curve of my back. My fingers wrestled with his dark tangled hair, and in the end, they won. His kissing me was unimaginable. Gravity suddenly stopped working. I was flying. Aiden turned me over so that my back rested on the cool grass. My skin tickled when he caressed my face with smooth fingertips. The tickle started at my forehead, followed the outline of my face, over the nose and stopped at the chin. “This moment, I want it to last forever.” I sighed. “Don’t you?” “Yes. But we will have more. This moment is nothing. I want you for an eternity.” His moist lips kissed my forehead before he lay down next to me. “Then promise me one thing. Whatever happens, you won’t leave. If we argue, you won’t slam the door in my face and walk away. We’re in this together.” I sat up and pierced my blue eyes into his dazzling brown ones. “Oh, Love, do you really believe that I will ever do that? I won’t let you go that easily. Don’t you forget that”, he said as he smiled a confident smile and put an arm underneath his neck to rest his head on. “Good”, was all I said. I then lay down my head on his broad chest. Just listening to his strong heartbeats. One of his hands glided down my back. Down, and then up. The air was cool but Aiden’s chest was warm. His breathing chest rocked me to sleep. When I woke up my head was not resting on Aidens chest, but on an uncomfortable pillow. The clock told me it was time to get up. I just wanted to go back to my dream. But not everything is that simple. I would now go to school, forced to sit in the same room as him, looking at him, with the knowledge that he didn’t even know that I existed. But that is reality. Sometimes life isn’t more than a dream. Just a dream.  

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