I wrote this quite quickly. The effect of memories is quite astounding.


1. One and Only

Do you see what I see in the morning when you wake ?

Do you hear what I hear around mid-day in the copse ?

Do you smell what I smell every evening by the lake ?

Do you taste what I taste every dark night when we kiss ?

Do you feel ?


I see your bright green eyes in the morning when you wake,

I hear your dulcet tones around mid-day in the copse,

I smell your sweet perfume every evening by the lake,

I taste life and our love every dark night when we kiss,

I do feel ...


There are tears in your eyes, I can see them through my own,

There's a sadness within, as you tell me we can't be,

There's a pain I can't describe, one I have never known,

There's a flame, our passion, burning out as you leave me,

I can't feel ...


There's a light within your soul, turning off as we part,

There was a bolt out there, it struck me down at the start,

It was when we first met, I fell for you, you for me,

Another has come, to steal away my piety,

Don't you feel ?

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