Her whole world is being destroyed. She’s all alone. She’s being chased. If ever there was a chance to become invisible, this is exactly that point…


1. Fade

It started off as a relatively normal day. But now, I am scared. Terrified almost, as I hide in my wardrobe and attempt to control my breathing. The first thing they do is take my parents. Then they start tearing apart the furniture, obviously looking for something. That’s when one of them enters my room. I hear his footsteps and heavy breathing. The candle flickers on the bedside table. The man walks closer to my hiding place, and I hear his panting. I shut my eyes and pray not to be killed as he wrenches open the wardrobe door. He stands there for a minute and stares right at me. Apparently not finding what he was looking for, he moves away and begins searching under my desk.

I stay in the wardrobe until I am sure they are gone, half crying, wondering why they have taken my parents and not realised that I was there too.

I slowly make my way downstairs, to inspect the carnage they had left behind. I walk over the broken furniture that lies on the floor, pretending not to notice the obvious bloodstains, that I sincerely hope aren’t from my parents. It is when I reach the shattered mirror that I notice something is wrong. I look straight at it, and yet there is no reflection looking back at me. I slowly look down at my hands, only to find they aren’t there anymore.

After standing there for a couple of minutes in shock, I realise that I have to get out, and run from whoever it was who did this. I run back upstairs to my room, knowing that this would be the first place they would look for me, and grab the leather packing case on the floor. After throwing some supplies into it, I hop down the stairs two at a time, and run out the door.

I don’t know where the men have gone, or whether they will come back for me. The tears clouding my vision, I tiptoe round to the stables. My jet black mare waits for me, whinnying as she sees me come in.

“Shh,” I whisper, “they can’t know we’re here.” I take the saddle down from the wall and lay it upon her back. Clutching her reins tightly in my hand, I lead her out of the small wooden building and down the path that connects my family’s house to the rolling pastures beyond. There are no other houses around, nowhere to hide.

I have no idea where I am going; all I know is that I definitely don’t want to be around if they come back. I ride for hours, down roads and through pastures I don’t recognise to villages I’d never been to. Dark shapes begin to fill the sky, their beady eyes watching us cautiously. My father always says that ravens are bad omens. That is, he used to, before – before now.

As the dark night sky rolls overhead, the mare falters, her legs tiring under my weight. I climb off of her back, the tears beginning to roll down my cheeks, and soon I am practically sobbing my heart out. The mare lies down slowly on the grass, her legs finally giving way. I put my palms up against a hay bale, and let my back slide against it, as I curl up on the dark ground. I hold my hand out in front of me, but it is still not there. I am invisible.

‘Help me, please’ I whisper. I don’t know who I am talking to, as nobody is around, but it is the best I can think of at the time. ‘I want to go home. Help me.’ Waves of drowsiness close around my mind, and I can feel myself slipping out of consciousness. Then, someone grabs my shoulder roughly. I gasp and try to turn around, but before I can, I hear the click of a shotgun, and feel the cold metal barrel against my temple. The owner of the shotgun whispers in my ear, ‘I can help you…’

And then it all goes black…

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