My Little Riding Hood

This is my version of little red riding hood. . . I really hope you'll like it so, enjoy!


1. One Shot



"Here you go my honey," Grandmother said, while handing a blood red ridinghood  to me.

''Thank you Gran,'' I said. I put it on my small curly head. The nice curls were blond with a reddish glimt. My Grandmother were called 'witch o' the woods' back in the village, because she had the best cures to all sorts of sickdoms and infections.''I have to go now Granma'. Elsewise mom'll get worried and she doesn't like you.''

"I know my sweety, i know." She looked sad. I didn't know why, then. I were only eight. She padded my hood and then kissed me goodbye on the forehead.

''Goodbye grandma'!" I called waving as i walked out of the house, with the sweet little basket on my arm. My mom only let me go there to get herbs and medicines. She didn't dare go there herself, after daddy had gotten killed on the way over there by a giant wolf. She said that it was his mother (grandmother) that gave bad luck to his blood, ang ihad to be careful since i have the blood too. I didn't understand. Grandmother's a nice old lady who's clever and the elders say that she was a beautiful woman when she was young. I got to the dark part of the wood, i had to cross here if i were going to follow the little road. I didn't like it here, but i promised mother and father wouldn't be proud if i walked around it, like him, and got killed by the wolf. So i passed quietly.

"I shouldn't be scared," i whispered to my self as i passed. When i'd passed safely i sighed happily. I could just see the village from here, so i sat into a run. I droped my shoe halfway so i had to turn around and go back. I bent down to pick it up and put it on, but i fell forward and crashed my nose on a stone. I quickly put on my shoe and tears formed in my eyes. The salty water mixed with my  bloody nose and i ran home very quikly. When i got inside the house my mother looked at me with big eyes.

''What has taken you so long? What happened to your nose?" She asked angrily.

''Sorry, mama.. I droped my shoe and fell." I mumbled quietly.

"Go wash and then go straight to bed! You'll get nothing for supper but a little bit of dry bread!'' She scolded. I put the basket on the table and then walked out to the well to wash my nose. The tears still pouring and the little nose running. When i felt pretty clean i made my way back to the house. When i could see it i saw mother's new husband walking into the house. I got scared, i didn't like him, and hid behind the house, peeking in through the window. I could see mother and her husband arguing. He was a hunter and had been out all day and he hadn't even brought home any meat. She was a proud woman so she stood up to him. But it wasn't clever. He smacked her in the face so her cheek burned red and i could see blood streaming from her nose.

She wailed as he hit her again, and again. 

I couldn't take it so i ran home to grandmother. When i got there i knocked on the door desperatly. She opened a little after, looking tired, "Oh! - It's you, my little honey. What are you doing here?"

"Mama and Adrian were fighting again and Adrian were hitting mama and i got so scared so i ran to you! Oh, i dun't wanna go baaack!" I said stumbling over the words.

"Okay, honey, stay here. But only for tonight, then you have to go back." 

"Okay granma' "

In the middle of the night i woke up because Grandmother were shaking me. She told me i had to get out of bed and that 'they' were coming for her because they thought she had kidnapped me. I understood who 'they' were at once. It  were the villagers. 

''Come 'ere honey! Into the safetyroom!" Grandmother were holding a stone trap door open. I took my ridinghood and jumped down. When she had closed the door i heared her pull a dresser over it. I couldn't be found now, but if Gran' didn't open it later i couldn't get out eigther. I didn't know at the time, i just listened and cried silently as i heard them take her and pull her out of the house screaming,

"Please! Don't burn me!"

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