A Mermaid Tale

Monolog: "I didn´t come here to fall in love Tarinna." He had small tears falling from his lashes. "Then why did you come to Love shore? It´s kind of exposed in the name what is happening at this shore Daniel." I was smiling at him, trying to make him smile just like yesterday, but it wasn´t happening. "I came here for one thing and one thing only." He looked me straight in the eyes. "I came here for a mermaid...” Another tear fell into the water. "What do you mean? If you weren´t here to fall in love with the mermaid. Then you came here...." I slowly started backing further out in the big pond. "To kill one."


1. The leave


Hi. My name is Tarinna. I´m a ordinary girl. I like traveling, gardening and guys. But then one day at a special place, a very special thing happened..

This is my story: I worked all summer to find a ship, but finally i had all the money i needed and found a proper ship. I was super exited to see the mermaids. They say that a million years ago, the first mermaids attacked a sailor. Nobody knew what it was, but everybody searched for the truth. And then one day a mermaid was exposed. The one who discovered the mermaids was a man who went swimming at the beach with his wife and kids. It was a sunny day. The wife went into the waters with her little daughter, but then suddenly the little girl screamed. The husband ran to figure out what had happened, but at the time he came to the rescue the wife was feeding on the child. He dragged the wife ashore and tied her up in a net. Then he noticed the scales. They were almost all over her body, from the shoulder and the chest to the very end of the long tale that suddenly was on her. The man couldn´t believe his own eyes. His beloved wife had killed their own child, a child that she, herself, had born and nursed for 6 years. The husband was now in a very hard position. Should he deliver her to doctors and scientists or should he keep her secret. Well the man didn´t choose to keep her secret. After 40 years of testing the woman and other ones who were captured, they knew all there was to know about the mermaids. But from what they knew, they could see the danger in having them near humans. So they choose to keep the ones who were captured, locked away. Until a few years ago, were the guards of the mermaids accidently released them all. They say that Love shore is where all of the mermaids meet to hunt their pray.

I went home that day knowing that tomorrow I was going to be at the Love shore. I know it sounds funny, but really it´s the place where you go to find true love. Well some people do. As I said I went home and started packing all of my clothes, which isn´t much, I was saving up remember? I brought all of the money and went to the shore.

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