the starlight series : moonlight

when caroline though things would be normal her and cal go deeper into wicca when bree becomes blinded with jelousy and finds a way to get dawn back to kill caroline so she can have cal all to her self but will she do it?


1. normal

"Caroline how are you" it was bree , she was still worried about what happend two months ago. you see i found out i was the doppleganger of a witch called Dawn and she tried to kill me, "im fine Bree, really " im getting quite annoyined with her trying to be my mum "but first you aloust get killed and now you practise wicca? witch cal?" i just couldent help my self to roll my eyes and walk away. it was a warm spring afternoon the flowers were blooming and the sun was shining , i was on my way over to Cal to practise a spell.

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