Hope and faith

Engelsk stil


1. Hope and faith

"Run, run!" I thought while I was running for my life. I looked back to see what was behind me, but I couldn't see anything. I could hear some sounds, but there was no one there. My legs became more and more tired, but I had to keep running. I didn't want to die because of what was behind me. I ran over to my house, my parents weren't home "it's too late", a voice told me. I looked around, but no one was there. I prayed god for help, but it didn't work. I ran around in the house and tried to find just one of my parents, but I couldn’t find one. I could suddenly feel something grabbing my arm, and I turned and saw a man standing behind me. His eyes were coal-black, his lips were blood-red, and when he opened his mouth, I saw his white sharp teeth. “Vampire,” I said and stiffened. I don’t know what happened, but suddenly he was gone, or was he? I could hear an evil laughter, I turned around and around, to see if I could find him, but he was not there. I walked into my room, sat down on my bed and looked around frightened, “I will not sleep, I will not sleep,” I kept telling to myself.



“Good morning.” The vampire said. I sat up in bed and looked shocked around, “can’t you just leave me alone?” I cried, and his evil laughter grew louder and louder. Suddenly my door slammed and I flew out of bed. I went to the door, and tried hard to open it, but it was locked. The strange thing was that I didn’t lock the door, so how was it possible? I didn’t thought about it, because then I felt someone remove my long blond hair, and then breathe down my neck, so I was sure I would die. I almost gave me. I had seen in several television programs that it wouldn’t do any good to run away, and certainly not from a vampire. “Don’t worry, Isobel” He said with his mouth close to my ears, “I will not kill you. Not yet, anyway.” He giggled and bit my ear softly. What do you want from me? Why are you doing this? I had so many questions, but I had been silenced by fear. He took me downstairs and I felt like I was in a horror movie. He tied me to a chair and began to smile wickedly at me. Without really thinking about it, I exclaimed, “kill me!” He laughed and came closer to me, he squatted down beside me, and after that he took my arm and bit my wrist, I opened my mouth in pain, but no sound came out. Thoughts were flying around in my head, I looked at the door that led upstairs, up to a corridor, I waited for it to go up and someone to come and rescued me. But when he finished drinking my blood he putted himself in front of me, “you can hope that someone is coming, but no one will, nobody knows you’re in danger, and you’ll be dead before they find out that you are gone” he said. But I believed and hoped someone would come and save me, so I didn’t removed my eyes from the door before I could feel my wrist burn, I clenched my teeth, clenched my fists and looked down at my arm which had a large bite mark. It was not just four small holes as in the vampire movies, it was all the teeth you could skim, and it was hard to see all the blood. I tried to get some blood off of my clothes so I could see how bad it was, but before I managed to get everything away, he stood behind me and breathed down my neck, “do you have any last words?” He asked me, even if he knew I had nothing to say beside what I already had said. The thoughts still flew around in my head and I was just waiting for someone to come and rescued me. I didn’t deserve to die, not like this. Without I really noticed it, did he put his teeth into my neck. I became increasingly lethargic and I knew I would soon die, but deep inside I was still waiting for someone who would come and rescued me but I don’t know why. Slowly, all became black and all the pain disappeared. You can believe and you can hope, but that doesn’t mean it will happen.

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