The Shadow Man

Torchwood have another dilema on there hands when a mysterious man comes through the rift Cardiff is in a lot of trouble but Torchwood should sort it


1. Introduction

Cars rushed pased him as he examined his surrondings his long black coat covering his face, everthing was new to him he didnt know where he was or what he was doing there but he was there for a reason and he intended on finding that out, first he was in London and now he was in a place he didnt know of normal people walking past casually with the most unusual clothes he started to move backwards to get away from the havoc when suddenly he found himself crashing into a women with black clothing also like him but more modern a welsh accent appereared from her straight away and she cleared her throught and stated "Gwen Cooper and you are" ??? he looked at her swiftly and before i could even blink they were gone Im Lily Smith and this is my story on how i met Torchwood and how i uncovered the indentity of the Shadow man

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